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Cycles Resources for School-Based & Private Practice SLPs & SLPAs

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Cycles for Phonology

Ready-to-use therapy materials and self-paced courses that guide you through the Cycles approach for phonological intervention.

You will finally understand the Cycles approach (and why it works so well!). Our step-by-step instructions, charts, and tracking sheets will be your road map to phonological therapy.
You can have your planning time back. We already made the activities, target words, and pictures for you. Now you can just guide the process!
Your therapy time will be more efficient and clients will make more progress! Reduce therapy time by 50% or more through the use of Cycles for phonology, even for children with severe to profound phonological delays.

Are you ready for faster progress and great client outcomes?

Speech that used to take 3+ years to correct now only takes 1 year with Cycles!