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Cycles Resources for School-Based & Private Practice SLPs & SLPAs

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Cycles for Phonology

Ready-to-use therapy materials and self-paced courses that guide you through the Cycles approach for phonological intervention.

You will finally understand the Cycles approach (and why it works so well!). Our step-by-step instructions, charts, and tracking sheets will be your road map to phonological therapy.
You can have your planning time back. We already made the activities, target words, and pictures for you. Now you can just guide the process!
Your therapy time will be more efficient and clients will make more progress! Reduce therapy time by 50% or more through the use of Cycles for phonology, even for children with severe to profound phonological delays.

Are you ready for faster progress and great client outcomes?

Speech that used to take 3+ years to correct now only takes 1 year with Cycles!


The Cycles approach focuses on treating sound error patterns, rather than picking away at individual sounds in every word position and context. We will show you how to optimize your therapy sessions and meet your treatment goals quickly!


.50 ASHA CEU's  


Is your client in the early stages of speech development, or using only a few initial consonants and vowels? We will guide you in the process of expanding their word shapes using early sounds!



You can set yourself up for a day of professional learning by bundling our practical speech therapy seminars! Learn about treating speech sound disorders (SSDs) through the lens of myofunctional therapy, articulation therapy, and phonological therapy! Each seminar is packed with information that you can learn at your own pace and apply the very next day. All information is relevant to SLPs and SLPAs who practice in the schools, early intervention, private practice, outpatient, and via telepractice.

Our best seller! Grab your ROADMAP to implementing Cycles and design your first Cycle using our step-by-step instructions that tell you exactly what to do.


This comprehensive bundle is ALL you need to confidently implement Cycles TOMORROW, without the prep!

*Bundle includes Cycles guidelines, organizational chart, tracking sheet, game board, auditory bombardment stimuli, and 100+ pages of no-prep Cycles activities. 

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No need to spend time coming up with your own word lists for auditory bombardment. This packet includes word lists for each sound, to be read at the beginning and end of each session.

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Cycles Materials

Interested in a seminar for your district or school? 
To schedule a seminar for your district or clinic email!
This has been one of the most instructional workshops I have attended. Everything I learned is something I can take back to therapy immediately!!
Excellent workshop!! I will be able to go home and actually use the information I learned today. The most I've ever learned about treating phonological disorders ever! Thank you!!
I will leave here with practice at assessing and developing a treatment plan. It's very exciting and makes me want to spread the word. Thank you!!
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