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In Cycles, you only target Glides /w/ and /j/ IF the child is 60% or more deficient. This is the 3rd pattern in the set, but the order of the targets is not as important as ensuring you are targeting ALL primary patterns.

For more information on the Primary Patterns, download the FREE Cycles Outline from my store.


In this packet you will find your 5 target words for both /w/ and /j/ which are targeted together (if the child is able). This packet is based on the words listed in the Cycles Guidelines and Organizational Chart which is a BEST seller in my store.

You will also receive:

Extensive directions for using all of the pages in this packet including game ideas and short cuts for when you are short on time!

1) One page of 20 copies of your 5 target words for both /w/ and /j/

2) Dot to Dot page for /w/ and /j/

3) Five Pics-One Page for/w/ and /j/

4) Say It, Match It, Say It Again for /w/ and /j/

5) One Cycles Board Game geared toward providing production practice EVERY turn while playing the game. This board could also be used for articulation drill.

In short, this packet includes everything you need to quickly target /w/ and /j/ words in Cycles For Phonology!

CYCLES: Patter Three- Glides /w, j/ (Digital PDF Download)

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