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Not only will you be able to print out FULL color pictures for ALL of the primary patterns targeted in Cycles, you will get the ULTIMATE Road Map that will teach you HOW to implement Cycles! The Cycles Guidelines and Organizational Chart will show you the way and it's included in this bundle! 


  • Numbered pages (suggested by a purchaser/site member)
  • A few corrections 
  • Cycles Tracking Sheet added in as an additional BONUS! 

THIS is the product you NEED to implement Cycles tomorrow!


This 100+ page bundle requires NO PREP!


Simply print out the pages you need for your kids and put them in SHEET PROTECTORS!


Give the kids a dry erase marker and they can cross of the words as they say them. 


5-6 Large Target Pictures and

20-24 Small Target Pictures per sound

Two-syllable words

Three-syllable words

Final /p, m/

Final /t, n/

Final /m/

Final /p/

Final /n/

Final /t/

Initial /w/

Initial /j/--as in “you”

Final /f/ (f3)

Initial /f/

Final /k/ (k3)

Initial /k/ and /g/ 

Final /t/ (t3)     Final /ts/

Final /ps/

Initial /sp/

Initial /st/

Initial /sn/

Initial /sm/

Initial /l/

Initial /r/    


Additional/Alternate S-blends

Final /ks/

Initial /sk/

Initial /sl/     


Initial Consonants (Only used if needed)

Initial /b/

Initial /d/

Initial /h/

Initial /m/

Initial /n/

Initial /p/

Initial /t/


Additional L-Blends






Cycles Guidelines & Organizational Chart  

THE Road Map for figuring out Cycles! It is our best seller and has been the information many have needed to finally figure out how to implement Cycles!


Auditory Bombardment Words and Sentences  

This comprehensive list will save you so much time in coming up with your own words and sentences.


Read them into your recording app on your phone and name it with the child's first name and something like k1g1 for initial /k, g/ or SP for initial SP blend.


By recording them, you will always have them for each Cycle and naming them will make it easy to find the list the child needs. Remember they will listen to these at the beginning and end of each session in which you are targeting the sound, so that is at least four times a Cycle since you target each sound 2x.


When you see a ______, insert the child's name while you are recording and they will LOVE to listen to them! It personalizes the sentences and makes them more meaningful to each child and more attentive!


Cycles Game Board 

This game is good for getting a lot of trials for your kids and a way to implement therapy with a game to make therapy fun!


Cycles Tracking Chart
Great for keeping track of the sounds targeted and any cues you used. A directions sheet is included with this document.

Implement Tomorrow Cycles For Phonology Target Bundle (Digital PDF Download)

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$40.00Sale Price
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