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If you are interested in scheduling a workshop for

your district or company please email:

We are now able to provide Let's Hear It For /R/ over the Internet.  This is a great way to earn 2 CMU (Certification Maintenance Units) for ASHA certification while learning a structured approach for remediating this most difficult sound. 


Instruction is in real time with live interaction between presenter and participants.  Questions can be asked and answered on the spot as the participants follow along with their handouts and the PowerPoint presentation on a large screen (laptop screen is projected onto the screen).  The presentation is comprehensive and will allow you time to have all your questions answered.


Our goal is to empower you with the tools and program you need to correct /r/ because we want everyone to love correcting /r/ as much as we do!

The best part is that you do not have to buy any additional materials to implement my program: You already have what you need if you have a mirror, flashlight, and drill book.  


Steps for Remediating /R/

Step 1: Learn how to establishing Initial /r/ with nonsense words AVOID /er/ 


Step 2: Drilling of initial /r/ using Webber’s Articulation Drill book or similar books.


Step 3: Drilling of initial /r/ at the phrase and sentence level


Step 4: Coarticulation


Step 5: Drop coarticulation and move on to final /r/ phrases and sentences


Step 6: Medial /r/--Just a formality



STEP 7: Reading level 



STEP 8:  R-blends if needed



STEP 9: Dismissal  

What People Say

I will leave here with practice at assessing and developing a treatment plan. It's very exciting and makes me want to spread the word. Thank you!

I plan to use these techniques on Monday! Thank you! :)

Absolutely! This has been one of the most instructional workshops I have attended. Everything I learned is something I can take back to therapy immediately!!


Prior to 10 days preceding course: Participant can apply registration to a future course or online offering. If this is not acceptable, the registration fee will be returned less $25 fee which covers cost of administrative work. Merchant charges may apply. Any cancellation after this period will be credited for a future Expressions Seminar course.


Complaints or concerns 

Please send detailed information regarding complaint/concern along with a phone number and you will be contacted within 2 business days. Expressions Seminars will work with participants to resolve complaints/concerns in a timely manner.


Course Content Financial Disclosure

Dawn Moore receives financial compensation from Expressions Seminars for presentations. She owns a Teachers Pay Teachers store in which she sells materials. Any materials required for the seminar were given to each participant as part of the handout. There are no non-financial disclosures.

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