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Dual Live Online Seminar:

Monday, December 27, 2021

Cycles for Phonology

Let’s Hear It For R!


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If you have been on ANY type of social media in the past 10 years you may be wondering why people ask if others are using Cycles. The reason for this is because Cycles is absolutely AMAZING! If you are not familiar with Cycles, read on and prepare to be amazed!

Cycles is different from Traditional Articulation because you target patterns (i.e., processes) at the WORD level versus individual sounds at the word, phrase, and sentence level. Think about that for a second. Imagine being able to correct speech errors WITHOUT targeting phrases, sentences, conversation, and generalization. How much time would it save you to ONLY target words, yet see CARRYOVER to conversational speech?

That is exactly what happens when you implement Cycles for Phonology. No more phrase and sentence level drill. No more generalization activities that may not work. Implementing Cycles will allow you to treat your phonological children in HALF the time of traditional articulation!

Do we have your attention now?

Now we will tell you, that it gets even better. Cycles is structured and streamlined (which we love because not much is in this field) which means you are NOT going to target EVERY sound the child has in error, but instead target specific sounds under each primary pattern. In other words, you are only going to target a small number of the sounds that may be in error. For example, you will target s-blends to correct strident sounds. What are strident sounds? All the noisy sounds in our speech like singleton /s, z, f, v/,  and the “sh”, “ch”, “dz”, and “zh” know as palatal sounds. Can you wrap your head around NOT having to target all of those sounds, targeting ONLY s-blends, AND seeing carryover to CONVERSATION of all of the sounds above? It is hard to believe until you see it happen over and over again.

If you struggle with remediating phonological delays, this seminar is for you! The instructor will take participants through an overview of delivery and scoring of the Hodson Assessment of Phonological Processes-3 (HAPP-3) and then you will use that to design a Cycle in breakout groups! This is the best way to learn how to use this approach because designing a Cycle is the hardest part, but not after this seminar. You will use the Cycles Guidelines and Organizational Chart to assist you in this process as it is THE ROADMAP to designing and implementing Cycles as early as tomorrow!  


Do you HATE /r/? Wouldn’t it be great if you could LOVE it or at least like it?


Make this the year you MASTER /r/ therapy by learning to use Let’s Hear It For R!


This program is a structured, step-by-step approach for correcting the most difficult sound SLPs treat.


In this seminar, participants will learn how to establish initial /r/ and use it together with coarticulation and feedback to develop final and medial /r/.

The concept of approximations will be introduced and discrimination skills will be further developed using audio clips of students producing /r/ with and without coarticulation.

To aid in participant understanding, six videos will demonstrate the techniques and additional audio files will highlight the changes that can occur simply by using coarticulation.

Content Disclosure: This course focuses on Let's Hear It For R! and other or similar programs will not be discussed. 

Small Strokes
Monday, December 27, 2021

The course begins promptly at 8:00 AM EASTERN TIME (New York Time)
In order to successfully complete the course, participants will be required to attend the entire course

Streaming Via Zoom

We strongly recommend you to logging into Zoom ahead of the workshop to ensure access, address any technical difficulties, and to familiarize yourself with the platform. Remember to check for updates!




Dr. Dawn Moore ClinScD., CCC-SLP, COM® is the founder of Expressions Speech, Language, & Myofunctional Center in Burlington, North Carolina. Dr. Moore has over 20 years of experience in the field, earning her clinical doctorate in 2018. For 15 years, she practiced in the schools of North Carolina as both a clinician and Lead SLP and was recognized as a Teacher of Excellence. In 2010, she expanded into private practice serving children of all ages. She recently completed the rigorous training and certification process to become a Certified Orofacial Myologist (COM®), pursuing this training after struggling to find help for her own daughter with a severe tongue thrust. Through this certification, she has started treating both children and adults and regularly presents for SLPs, orthodontists, ENTs, and dentists about the impact myofunctional disorders have on speech, feeding, chewing, breathing, dentition, and sleep. 

Her main interests include treating myofunctional disorders, phonological delay, and articulation disorders, specifically /r/, using her own program Let's Hear It For /R/! which was the subject of her doctoral research study. For phonology, she uses and teaches others how to use Barbara Hodson's Cycles for Phonology due to the success she continues to have with the program. She has presented around the country for various state speech conventions/associations, county speech departments, and local universities and regularly teaches live online and through on-demand recordings on Expressions Seminars.

This course is offered for 0.7 ASHA CEUs
(Intermediate Level, Professional Area)

In order to successfully complete the course, participants will be required to:

  1. Attend the entire course AND complete the following:

  2. Course Survey on Survey Monkey

  3. Knowledge Quiz: Multiple choice 10-questions quiz with a passing grade of 80% or higher. 


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Small Strokes


This was the most comprehensive and useful seminar I have ever attended. From learning the full approach to seeing it in practice, I cannot wait to start this with some kiddos on my caseload!

Everything was extremely clear and easy to understand. I look forward to applying these new skills with my own students.

I thought this seminar was fantastic. I definitely feel prepared to jump in and try this tomorrow!

Small Strokes

 I found both the instructor presenting and the interactive piece where we were prompted to interpret evaluation results to be very effective.

Really helpful introduction to the approach. Dawn is a lively and cheerful speaker, which is great to listen to! Clinical examples were great too! Thanks!

My favorite part was scoring the HAPP-3, I think it was incredibly insightful and helped me to understand more clearly.



  1. Explain the difference between Cycles for Phonology and Traditional Articulation approaches.

  2. Describe and list the primary patterns targeted in the Cycles Approach.

  3. List and explain why secondary patterns are not typically targeted in the Cycles Approach.

  4. Complete and score the Hodson Assessment of Phonological Processes-3 (HAPP-3).

  5. Design a Cycle based on the primary patterns using the HAPP-3 and the Cycles Guidelines and Organizational Chart.


  1. Identify the difference between consonantal /r/ and vocalic /r/ and which you should target first.

  2. List the order in which you should drill /r/ (consonantal and vocalic) and the percentages required at each level.

  3. Describe and demonstrate co-articulation and its application to vocalic /r/.

Content Disclosure: This course focuses on Cycles for Phonology and  Let's Hear It for R and other or similar programs will not be discussed.

Financial and Nonfinancial Disclosures

Dawn Moore is the owner and founder of Expressions Speech, Language, and Myofunctional Center and Expressions Seminars.

  • Ownership interests in Expressions Speech, Language, and Myofunctional Center and Expressions Seminars.
  • Receives compensation from materials sold on website store at

  • Receives compensation from online seminars sold on seminar website:

  • Receives compensation from materials sold on Expressions Speech store on


Nonfinancial: No disclosures


The Fine Print

Cancellation Policy for Participants

Prior to 10 days preceding course: Participant can apply registration to a future course or online offering or the participant can request a refund of the registration less $75 fee which covers cost of administrative work.

Any cancellation within 10 calendar days of the course will credited for a future course or Expressions Seminar online offering.

Cancellation Policy for Expressions Seminars

If Expressions Seminars has to cancel the course due to inclement weather, illness, or family emergency, all participants will be notified via email
used to register for the course and a future date will be selected.


If a participant cannot attend the new date, they will have the following options:

  1. Watch the on-demand version of the course (if there is one available) and have access for ONE WEEK.
  2. Accept a credit for a future seminar either online or in-person.

  3. Request a refund of registration fee.

have A QUESTIOn/concern?

Tel. 336.350.9263

Fax. 336.350.9264




Early bird price:

Registration for this seminar includes:

Registration after December 13, 2021 is $230

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