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Reduplicated Syllable Therapy is the use of simple structures (CV = Consonant Vowel) to encourage speech and sound development in young children. 

CV: bay


CVCV: bay bay


CVCVCV: bay bay bay

Children with significant phonological delays struggle with producing more than 1 syllable and their sound inventory is typically limited. 


By introducing the CV structures above, beginning with 1 syllable and increasing to 2 and 3 syllables, using sounds the child already produces, clinicians are able to expand the child’s inventory through direct and indirect methods.


A full step-by-step program with baseline and treatment suggestions is available in our Teachers Pay Teachers store! This program is geared to 18 months and up for children not ready for a true phonological approach like Cycles. The simplicity of this program allows caregivers to practice in-between sessions for increased gains in speech and expressive language.

This course is offered for 

2 hours of Certification Maintenance Units and can be offered alone or TOGETHER with Cycles for Phonology or Let's Hear It For R!

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1)  OVERVIEW: Why use CV structures to teach sounds?

2) Baseline development with early sounds (/b, d, h, m, n, p, t, w, j/).

3) Therapy Targets: Where to begin?

4) How to elicit structures at each level.

5) When to move to the next level.


Learner Outcomes

  1. Identify children who may benefit from this method of treatment.

  2. Demonstrate ability to develop baseline for early sounds at 1, 2, or 3 syllable level. 

  3. Understand and demonstrate how to elicit target structures.

  4. Demonstrate understanding of hierarchy and when to progress to the next level (2 or 3 syllables or CVC). 

For more information regarding Phonotactic Therapy:


Velleman, S. L. (2002). Phonotactic therapy. In Seminars in Speech and Language (Vol. 23, No. 01, pp. 043-056). 


Prior to 10 days preceding course: Participant can apply registration to a future course or online offering. If this is not acceptable, the registration fee will be returned less $25 fee which covers cost of administrative work. Merchant charges may apply. Any cancellation after this period will be credited for a future Expressions Seminar course.


Complaints or concerns 

Please send detailed information regarding complaint/concern along with a phone number and you will be contacted within 2 business days. Expressions Seminars will work with participants to resolve complaints/concerns in a timely manner.


Course Content Financial Disclosure

Dawn Moore receives financial compensation from Expressions Seminars for presentations. She owns a Teachers Pay Teachers store in which she sells materials. Any materials required for the seminar were given to each participant as part of the handout. There are no non-financial disclosures.

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