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The webinar replay is now available on our Seminars site at


Free for a week starting Monday, April 8th-15th

Don't forget to check out the amazing handout that contains ALL of the information in the webinar below!

Traditional Articulation Webinar Handout

There is going to be a LOT of information coming at you in a short amount of time. When we present, we like to have everyone follow along in a handout instead of trying to feverishly write everything down.

If you have ever been to any of our seminars, you know we like your handout to be a RESOURCE for later reference and this one is set up the same way!


Three Reasons To Get The Handout

  • You would like to have a HANDOUT that matches perfectly with the information you are about to hear.

  • Having it will allow you to listen while taking only a few notes.

  • You will be able to have this information in front of you when you go back to work!

Please click this link BELOW to purchase the handout for $10.00 in our store.

It may just be the best $10 you spend this month! 


Newly Updated Articulation Techniques and Tips!



  • Contains additional information on many sounds that we were not able to cover in the webinar.

  • Will pair nicely with the information from the Traditional Articulation handout above because all of the sounds will use the Traditional Articulation approach! 

  • Sounds Included: Laterals, /r/, /l/, /s/, 'sh', 'ch', 'dz'

  • VELARS: /k/ and /g/ have been added! Plus why you shouldn't target final stops!

  • It will tell you the order to target those sounds.

  • How to elicit them! 


A brand new layout and more sounds are included (velars) PLUS it goes together with the Handout above, so consider picking up a copy for $5.00 today! 

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