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Online/On-Demand Workshop: Let's Hear It For /R/!

Are you struggling with /r/? Do you want a structured approach to remediate this difficult sound?
Email if you are interested in an online workshop for your company/school OR sign-up for the on-demand presentation

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Need some therapy ideas?  Therapy data logs?  Information on auditory processing or tongue thrust?  Click the clipboard above to access our Documents page to find a wide variety of items we have used over the years that are here to make your job easier!

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         Thumb Sucking and Other Oral Habits

Unplugging the Thumb®

This (less than) 10 day program by Sandra Holtzman, Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Orofacial Myologist, eliminates this habit in an unstressed way.

Oral habits such as thumb and finger sucking affect the teeth, resting posture, facial development, and overall oral health in a negative way.  However, getting a child to stop these habits can be very difficult and negative for both the parent and the child.  Now, you can work with a therapist (or on your own) using Sandra's program!

Click here to view the video on this program on You Tube!