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My son and I moved to Burlington just over a year ago. When we moved here, Ethan was not initiating conversational speech but rather mimicking others. Ethan was born at 24 weeks and weighed only one pound seven ounces. Being premature with such a low birth weight put him at high risk for developmental delays.

Ethan was placed in the CDSA and we were assigned Expressions Speech and Language Center as our speech therapists. After that initial meeting with Rick and Dawn I knew I had made the right choice in choosing them. From the beginning they empowered me to be more vocal in this process and continue advocating for my child.

It has been a year now since Rick has started serving Ethan and his progress has been amazing. He can now initiate conversations, express his wants and needs and carry at least five exchanges in conversational speech. Ethan is comfortable with Rick and hates missing a session.

I am extremely appreciative of Rick’s hard work and dedication. I have enjoyed working with Expressions, and I know without a doubt that Ethan’s progress is due to Rick and Dawn’s commitment and concern for him.

They are an asset to our community and their work is phenomenal! I can’t imagine where Ethan would be today without the commitment, hard work and truly caring nature of Rick and the team at Expressions Speech and Language Center.


Melynda B.
Ethan’s mom


My son, Logan, first started seeing Rick Moore from Expression Speech and Language in July of 2013. Logan at that time was 2 years old and had been receiving speech services from another provider in NC but could only say a couple of words.

After we moved to Burlington, where Logan began receiving services through the Infant Toddler Program, where luckily we were assigned Expressions and Rick. Right away after the first few sessions I was already noticing Logan saying new words and sounds. Logan took right to Rick and really enjoys seeing him every week. Rick continued working toward Logan’s treatment goals and within 2 months Logan was speaking.

Despite the fact our insurance did not cover Logan’s speech services we knew that we wanted to continue seeing Rick on a weekly basis. Since December of 2013 we have been paying out of pocket for Rick’s services and it’s been worth every cent.

We love Rick and will continue to see him for as long as Logan needs speech. I would highly recommend Rick and Expressions Speech and Language to anyone who may think their child needs speech services.

Warmest Regards,

Rachel R.
Logan’s mom