Evaluation Materials, Report Templates, Norms, RtI, Educational Impact, Severity Matrix for Speech, Teacher Checklists, & State Guidelines

Oral Motor Exam & Information

Need a form for an Oral Motor Exam?  Not sure what to look for?  This link will provide a printable form that can be reproduced FREE!  

Oral Motor Exam Form--Dworkin-Culatta Oral Mech Exam

Gregory Lof -- Evidence Against Use of Non-Speech Oral Motor Exercises


We all talk a lot about how intelligible a child is, but it really is a subjective measurement and there isn't a lot we can do to change that.  However, you can look at this document and the chart on page 40 to help you with this understanding (and to explain it better to parents/teachers). 

Determine Intelligibility--By Jaci Martin

Intelligibility Percentages--Caroline Bowen

Phonetic Inventory

Here is a form that you can fill out or you can give to parents to help you gauge the inventory of a child with extensive errors. 

Phonetic Inventory in Excel

Report Templates

These are not short by any means, but they do contain descriptions of some of the most widely used tests and tables for reporting scores.  There are two reports.  One is for Speech Only Testing and the other is for Related Service Testing.  They are based on North Carolina guidelines and will require modification to conform to your state regulations. 

Speech Only Report Template

Speech as Related Service Report Template

IPA Fonts on Your Computer

You have these characters on your computer already.  This document will show you how to access them!

Using IPA Fonts on Your Computer

IPA List

IPA: HAPP-3 List of Words in Phonetics


Incredible list of norms from ASHA and the sound norm list I have used since graduate school.

Norms--Great Comprehensive List

Neurological and developmental foundations of speech acquisition Sharynne McLeod, PhD, Charles Sturt University, Australia ([email protected])

Ken Bleile, PhD, University or Northern Iowa, USA ([email protected])

Please visit Caroline Bowen's site for the above document:  


Speech Sound Development Chart--Eric Sander 1972

Make sure you are reading the above chart correctly.   Gregory Lof's information
referenced below will explain how to do this in detail.  I found out I had been
interpreting it wrong for years!  He is also a very vocal opponent against oral
motor exercises.

Gregory Lof's Speech Norm Information

Linguisystems Milestone Guide

One of the most amazing collection of norms for intelligibility, pronouns, grammar, etc.

2012 Milestones Guide

RtI Interventions (Pre-referral)

Here are some useful books and websites regarding interventions to share with your teachers.  As RtI is becomingthe first step in the referral process, many SLP's need a good source to access interventions that can easily be shared with teachers.  While we all know what needs to be done, conveying this information to another person without our training can be very difficult.  

This is probably the most comprehensive intervention manual on the market and MANY schools have this book (usually the guidance counselor or someone on the support team).  You can find older versions (Second Ed) on Amazon as well.  The link will take you to Amazon.com, but they tend to change their links, so just do a search to find this book. 

Pre-Referral Intervention Manual, Third Edition--Hawthorne


Educational Impact--Determination

For forms for teachers that will help them determine impact, scroll down to the end of this section. We make these a part of the referral and the teacher is required to fill out/sign before we screen the child. The SLP may be involved in assisting the teacher in determining impact by giving them these forms to assist in this process.

Educational Impact is DIFFERENT than Academic Impact.  When you think about
academic impact, the only concern is grades.  Educational impact encompasses so much more! This is where articulation delays/disorders will fall--social/emotional impact, self-esteem issues, immature speech, teasing due to sound errors (especially in the upper grades).  Here are some guides to help you to determine the IMPACT and it must be done on a case-by-case basis!\

From ASHA's Website

Read statements from the U.S. Department of Education and learn how students with disabilities cannot be denied access to services even though they have no academic difficulties.

On November 2, 2006 ASHA sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Education seeking clarification on the following issues that impact school-based speech-language services:

Eligibility for speech-language services when the student is not failing a course or grade, and reaffirms the letter issued in May 1980 that clarified when a speech or language impairment "adversely affects educational performance"

  • How to handle missed sessions due to the child's absence from school, cancellation for a class or school activity such as a field trip or an assembly, or absence of the SLP due to illness or family emergencies

  • The continuum of service delivery options to be considered for a student

    The document below used to be on ASHA's website and the link took you there, but ASHA likes to move documents around on their website on a monthly basis or delete them altogether.  For this reason, I found a new location for this document.  Please let me know if this link doesn't work.

Educational Impact--From Department of Education to ASHA

Educational Impact Statement--Articulation by E. Beckner

Teacher Checklists--For Determining Appropriate Referrals and Educational Impact

2015 Teacher Handout for Speech Referrals

(The above document will need to be modified for your district's referral policies regarding RtI and referral to Student Support Teams ahead of special education qualification.)  

Articulation--Sound Errors




Functional Communication

Pragmatic Checklist for Teachers

(Sources:  Speech Guidelines for North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia)

How Much Speech Therapy to Give?

We have ALL struggled with this question at some point in our careers.  What is the answer?  These guides can help! 

The first is the list of severity scales from the NC Speech Guidelines combined into one Word document for easy reference.  They are great for showing parents and teachers why you chose the service time you did and will mean more than you just "saying" it.

Severity Scales for All Areas

This is a link to Speech-Language Eligibility Criteria/Matrix for Schools which is a "must-have" for all school clinicians!

Speech-Language Eligibility Criteria/Matrix for Schools


This document discusses dismissal procedures from ASHA. 


Here is a link to additional information on ASHA's website: 


State Guidelines--Speech


Great resources for pragmatic checklists, informal observation forms,  teacher checklists, and too much else to list!

North Carolina Speech Guidelines

Virginia Speech Guidelines--UPDATED JANUARY 2012

Tennessee Speech Guidelines

Having trouble with /r/? Does this sound make you want to run screaming from the room? Download the FREE Handout on the program from HERE. 

Check out the On-Demand Webinar for a presentation of the program with audio/visual models and a discrimination task.