TWO Recorded Sessions for Telepractice Training using the Zoom Platform. 



Maybe after the kids go to sleep?



On YOUR time!

You can watch both of these sessions together or watch them over a few days.


This seminar is pre-recorded and each session is 90 minutes.

Difference between Live and Recorded

The great thing about these sessions being recorded is that you can watch them while logged into YOUR Zoom account as the host so you can PRACTICE the skills at the SAME time!

How can you do this? You will watch the recording on your phone!

You will sign into your Zoom account and start a meeting (yes with yourself) on your computer. You can even login to the meeting on your iPad too if you have one because then you can practice screen sharing and giving remote control to the iPad! It's a great way to practice what you are going to do with your clients.

There are written handouts to accompany all of the video material which includes a page of links and tips for working online (like how to SAVE telepractice idea posts on FB).


$25 per person for THREE hours of recorded training that you can watch at your OWN pace!

Continuing Education Credit
Certification Maintenance Units (CMH) available for an additional $5. These credits will NOT be reported to the ASHA CEU registry. However, they do count toward certification maintenance for ASHA and may count for your state (they do in NC).


This seminar specifically trains on the Zoom Platform and will cover the following topics:

  • Devices
  • Speed Test of your Internet
  • Direct internet connections vs. WIFI
  • Use of extra screens (not needed, but nice!)
  • Settings
  • Setting up meetings/sharing links
  • Screen sharing
  • Using your phone as a document camera
  • Setting up a therapy table in front of your computer
  • White Board and Annotating (drawing) on the shared screen
  • iPad mirroring
  • Giving remote control
  • Using TWO mice on your computer
  • Using your desk as a therapy table they can see
  • Limitations of specific devices
  • Boom Cards
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Zoombombing
  • Plus many other aspects of providing teletherapy!


RECORDED Zoom Training: Learn How To Do Teletherapy!

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