Let's Hear It For R!


Let's Hear It For R! is a structured, streamlined approach for correcting this most difficult sound. In this seminar participants listened to audio clips of real students working on /r/, watched six video clips, and practiced /r/ discrimination skills while learning nine steps for remediating /r/ using coarticulation and augmented feedback.

Expressions Seminars are practical, hands-on, use-the-next-day type of continuing education! 

No BORING, grad school-type seminars with little to no treatment application!

This course is offered for 0.15 ASHA CEUs 
(Intermediate Level, Professional Area)
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COST:   $40




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Phone:  (336) 350-9263

In order to successfully complete the course, participants will be required to attend the entire course AND complete the following:


  1. Course Survey on Survey Monkey

  2. Knowledge Quiz: Multiple choice 10-questions quiz on Survey Monkey with a passing grade of 80% or higher. 


The link will be emailed to the participants within 24 hours of the end of the seminar.


(After completing this session, participants will be able to): 

  • 1.   Identify the difference between consonantal /r/ and vocalic /r/ and which to target first.

  • 2.   List the order in which you should drill /r/ (consonantal and vocalic) and the percentages
         required at each level.

  • 3.   Describe and demonstrate co-articulation and its application to vocalic /r/.

Content Disclosure:

This course focuses on Let's Hear It For R! and other or similar programs will not be discussed. 


  • Overview of What You Need to Correct /r/                                                                    10 minutes

  • Step 1: Learn how to establish Initial /r/ with nonsense words while avoiding /er/    15 minutes

  • Step 2: Drilling of initial /r/ using Webber’s Articulation Drill book or similar books. 10 minutes

  • Step 3: Drilling of initial /r/ at the phrase and sentence level                                         5 minutes

  • Step 4: Coarticulation                                                                                                        15 minutes

  • Step 5: Drop coarticulation and move on to final /r/ phrases and sentences              15 minutes

  • Step 6: Medial /r/--Just a formality                                                                                    5 minutes

  • Step 7: Reading level                                                                                                          5 minutes

  • Step 8:  R-blends if needed                                                                                                5 minutes

  • Step 9: Dismissal                                                                                                                  5 minutes

Financial and Nonfinancial Disclosures

Dawn Moore is the owner and founder of Expressions Speech, Language, and Myofunctional Center and Expressions Seminars.

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Nonfinancial: No disclosures

The Fine Print


Cancellation Policy for Participants

Prior to 10 days preceding course: Participant can apply registration to a future course or online offering or the participant can request a refund of the registration less $75 fee which covers cost of administrative work.


Any cancellation within 10 calendar days of the course will credited for a future course or Expressions Seminar online offering.


Cancellation Policy for Expressions Seminars

If Expressions Seminars has to cancel the course due to inclement weather, illness, or family emergency, all participants will be notified via email used to register for the course and a future date will be selected.

If a participant cannot attend the new date, they will have the following options:

  1. Watch the on-demand version of the course (if there is one available) and have access for ONE WEEK.

  2. Accept a credit for a future seminar either online or in-person.

  3. Request a refund of registration fee.

For complaints or concerns