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Cycles For Phonology

Barbara Hodson's Program

FREECycles for Phonology--Main Outline

Sample Cycles Sessions for 4 Complete Cycles!

Cycles Guidelines and Organizational Chart
This brand new version is set up in chart format and helps you design your Cycle by asking you YES/NO questions about the primary patterns you need to target.  There are also lists of target words to use for each pattern!  This is a MUST have for those new to Cycles. 

You can find it on Teachers Pay Teachers:  

Cycles Tracking Sheet
This sheet is for your working file.  It will keep track of your
sounds, each date you have targeted them, the auditory bombardment file number, and any additional notes you need to keep regarding structure or cueing.  





Cycles Data--Actual data/progress from my therapy cases that used Cycles

Corbin's Cycles Data--Data recorded during actual therapy sessions


Phonological Norms:  Caroline Bowen's Phonological Chart Link 



Parent Friendly Explanation of Cycles

Home Program

Summer Program 

Treatment Plan


How I finally ORGANIZED my Cycles Cards! -- Using a shoe organizer from Walmart!

Labels for Cycles Card Organizer--Use these ready made name tag labels as seen in the picture above.

Sheet 1     
Sheet 2
Sheet 3



These goals are written for BOTH Cycles and Traditional Articulation so you don't have to hold a meeting to change the goals if the child has to move to traditional articulation drill. 

Goals For Cycles


Cycles Literature--Efficacy and Information on Apraxia

     ASHA Position Statement on Apraxia--A MUST READ!

     LinguiSystems Link-Apraxia--Great resource!

Gierut, J.A. (1998). Treatment efficacy: Functional phonological disorders in children. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 41, S85-S100.


Tyler, Ann A., Edwards, Mary Louise, Saxman, John H Clinical Application of Two Phonologically Based Treatment Procedures J Speech Hear Disord 1987 52: 393-409

Rudolph, J. M., & Wendt, O. (2014). The efficacy of the cycles approach: A multiple baseline design. Journal of communication disorders, 47, 1-16.

Don't forget about ASHA's Practice Portals which have a lot of great information!

Here is the one for Apraxia!

 (Formerly Modified Cycles)

This program has been updated and is a COMPLETE, step-by-step program that will teach you to baseline and implement reduplicated syllables for those not ready for a true phonological program..

These modifications can be used with

  • Young children
  • Children with apraxia in need of early consonant drill
  • Lower functioning children in schools with various disorders and
        syndromes.  Very useful in children with Autism that are babbling and
        verbal, but not using true speech. Down?s syndrome too!
  • Children with profound phonological delays who are not ready for CVC yet!