Have you always wanted to learn Cycles for your phonological kids?  


If so, this workshop is for YOU! 

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Absolutely!  This has been one of the most instructional workshops I have attended. Everything I learned is something I can take back to therapy immediately!!

Excellent workshop!! I will be able to go home and actually use the information I learned today. The most I've ever learned about treating phonological disorders ever! Thank you!!

Yes- I will leave here with practice at assessing and developing a treatment plan. It's very exciting and makes me want to spread the word. Thank you!!


Cycles is a unique program for children that are unintelligible. Children that evidence high usage of phonological processes (i.e, use /t/ for /k/ sounds and /t/ for /s/ sounds) benefit greatly from this program.  In it, the clinicians are taught to target patterns of sounds rather than each individual sound in each place (initial, medial, final) and type of utterance word, phrase, sentence, conversation).  If you have a child that has 10 error sounds and you target each of these sounds in the above fashion (each place and utterance type), it would take you years to remediate their errors. In fact, that is what most clinicians do as they have never been taught there is a better way!



In Cycles you target patterns of sounds and you only target words, yet you see carryover to conversation!  No more needless drill at every level with every sound.  In fact, there are many sounds you can correct by only targeting a specific sound.  If you target /s/ in blends (/sm/, /sp/, /st/, /sn/ etc.) this generalizes to the following sounds/f, v, sh, ch, j, s, z/ without targeting those sounds individually. We were skeptical of this too, but it happens repeatedly!


With caseloads growing every year, this is a great way for SLP's to learn to treat these children effectively and quickly.  Most children can be dismissed in 12-18 months if they are seen two times a week, even if their speech is very hard to understand. 

What used to take us three or more years to correct now only takes
 one year to complete! 

This program has been around for years, but many people do not understand it and we are committed to changing that. We use this program EVERYDAY and were self-taught because of all the children we knew that would benefit from it and it was the best thing we ever did. We strongly believe if others had a chance to learn it, they would use it too because it is so EASY, very structured, and the success you see with it is unparalleled to anything else we have used in practice. 


Please see the workshop agenda below for more details regarding the components of the seminar. 


Feel free to share it with anyone you think would be interested.. 

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