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Cycles & Let's Hear It For R! 


This conference involves scoring of the HAPP-3 so please PRINT OUT a hard copy of your handouts for the best learning experience.


The presenter will NOT have copies of the handouts at the conference.




Please follow the instructions below for printing procedures. 


Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a lot of confusion during the workshop.


If you're not sure what flip on long/short edge means, please see this video clip:







Click on the PDF Icon next to the titles below


Cycles for Phonology


Part 1:  Cycles Handout


Can be double-sided, but MUST be printed "flip on SHORT edge" for the pages to be in the correct orientation. 


OR you can choose to print all handouts on 1-side only. 


Optional Document

We will score this during the workshop, but participants have asked for a copy of the completed document for future reference. 


Completed HAPP-3 for Roderick 




Let's Hear It For R!


Part 2: RST Handout


If printing double-sided, print on "Flip on SHORT edge" for correct orientation.


Part 3: Reduplicated Syllable Packet


To print double-sided, select FLIP on LONG edge




If you have any difficulties or questions please email dawn@expressionsspeech.com


Looking forward to seeing you at the conference!