Concepts & Categories, Compare/Contrast, Bloom's Taxonomy


Category Levels--PK-1st grade (I made this list myself)

Category Levels--Level 1--Here is a spreadsheet to help with pre/post assessment

Category Levels--Level 2--Here is a spreadsheet to help with pre/post assessment

    Category Data Sheet


    Categories--Learn how to assess and use the Category Data Sheet


    Categories Data--Example of Therapy Data

Where can I get materials to make my Category Cards?

I struggled with finding appropriate pictures to use in my category assessment and in therapy.  I finally found the solution in the Click and Create Vocabulary Board Games from Linguisystems.  I just called up the categories I wanted to add to the board (need 10 pictures of each for your assessment) and fit as many on the board as I could.  Then, I printed them out in color, cut them out, and laminated them.  They are not big, but you can glue and laminate them on index cards if you want larger pictures.  I have found the size to be perfect.  I then do the assessment by presenting one from the category I am testing and one distractor.  I based this assessment on what I saw on the First Categories which are already mastered (usually 80%). 

FREE Pictures Link:  Kids Pages Flashcards (Thank you AmySLP!)

Lesson Pix

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This is a necessary skill for children to develop good language manipulation skills.  What does that mean?  Children need to be able to do many tasks with words and this skill teaches them how to it as it encompasses attributes, categories, function, and location.  It is hard when you first begin, but you will hear the children come up with comparisons you hadn't even thought of!

Compare and Contrast

Bloom's Taxonomy

This is a great treatment model for language processing.  Ever wonder WHY we work on labeling,
functions, associations, categories etc.?  There is a reason!  I sure wish we spent more time on this model
in graduate school in reference to treatment!  

Language Processing Treatment Model--Bloom's Taxonomy