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Online/On-Demand Workshop: Let's Hear It For /R/!

Are you struggling with /r/? Do you want a structured approach to remediate this difficult sound?
Email if you are interested in an online workshop for your company/school OR sign-up for the on-demand presentation

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        Articulation & Phonology (Speech Sounds)


Is your child struggling with /r/?   Is his/her tongue protruding on /s/ and /z/ or other sounds?  If so, you may have a child with an articulation delay. 

 The most common articulation delay affects the /r/ sound and it is the most difficult for most SLP's to treat.  At Expressions Speech & Language Center, we have a great love for this sound and have created a step by step program called Let's Hear It For /R/! for clinicians to correct this sound quickly and effectively.  

Most school systems will not treat one-sound errors (/r/) and private therapy is your only option.  

If you have the need for an SLP to correct your son or daughter's /r/, you can now make the choice to come to the area experts in /r/ therapy!   If you are not close enough to come to the office, we can always perform this therapy over the internet.  Not only is it effective, research has shown that short, frequent sessions can rapidly increase progress.  The advantage of internet sessions is that travel time can be taken out of consideration and focus can be on therapy only. 

If you are interested in /r/ therapy (or any other sound therapy) in the office or over the internet,  please view our contact information here to set up an appointment or to request additional information.




Is your child difficult for you to understand at times?  What about strangers?  Do you constantly have to translateIf so, your child could have a phonological delay. 

This disorder is different than an articulation delay in that the entire sound system is usually affected and the child is very difficult to understand because of the number of errors.  This delay requires specific therapy that is different than traditional articulation delays.  The SLP's at Expressions Speech & Language Center specialize in Cycles for Phonology which will is a holistic approach to your child's sound delays.  This approach will target all of the primary error sounds in your child's speech at once creating greater progress and more generalization to conversation.  A home therapy program will be explained in great detail and its implementation will greatly reduce the amount of time your child is in therapy, sometimes by half. 

If you are interested in this type of therapy or want to request a screening, please view our contact information here to set up an appointment or to request additional information.