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ON-DEMAND Continuing Education Bundle--Cycles and Let's Hear It For R!

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Bundle these two seminars together and save $10!

Perfect for the school-based clinician!
Learn how to treat phonological delays in 1/2 the time and to correct /r/ in one all-encompassing seminar!  


Cycles focuses on patterns and efficient generalization through target selection that can drastically reduce therapy time for children with difficult phonological process challenges. Children that show high usage of phonological processes (i.e., use t/k and t/s) can benefit greatly from the Cycles Approach.

SLPs and SLPAs will learn how to target patterns of sounds rather than individual sounds in each place (initial, medial, final) and type of utterance (word, phrase, sentence, conversation).

The instructor will take participants through an overview of delivery and scoring of the Hodson Assessment of Phonological Processes-3 (HAPP-3) and this course will provide strategies to use in your therapy sessions tomorrow! Implementing this program can reduce therapy time by 50% or more, even in children with severe/profound phonological delays.

Let's Hear It For R!

Tired of not feeling effective with this difficult sound?

Do you find that you are waiting for development to correct this sound?

Worried you cannot discriminate between good and bad productions?

If you are the type of therapist that needs to 'see' therapy in action in order to understand a program, then this webinar is for you!

Let's Hear It For /R/!

I have created a structured, streamlined approach for correcting this most difficult sound. This is NOT a quick fix for /r/. For those of you that have searched for one know there is NO quick fix!

In this webinar you will listen to audio clips of real students working on /r/, watch six video clips, and practice your discrimination skills. The webinar will lead you through the following nine steps for remediating /r/:

STEP 1 Learn how to establishing Initial /r/ with nonsense words~AVOID /er/

STEP 2 Drilling of initial /r/ using Webber’sArticulation Drill book or similar

STEP 3 Drilling of initial /r/ at the phrase and sentence level

STEP 4 Coarticulation

STEP 5 Drop coarticulation and move on to final /r/ phrases and sentences 

STEP 6 Medial /r/--Just a formality

STEP 7 Reading level

STEP 8 R-blends if needed

STEP 9 Dismissal

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