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Let's Hear It For /R/!--On Demand Webinar!


Are you struggling with

correcting /r/?

Tired of not feeling effective

with this difficult sound?  

Do you find that you are waiting for

development to correct this sound?  

Worried you cannot discriminate between

good and bad productions? 

If you are the type of therapist that needs to 'see' therapy in action in order to understand a program, then this webinar is for you! 

Let's Hear It For /R/!

I have created a structured, streamlined approach for correcting this most difficult sound.  This is NOT a quick fix for /r/.  For those of you that have searched for one know there is NO quick fix! 

In this webinar you will listen to audio clips of real students working on /r/, watch six video clips, and practice your discrimination skills.  The webinar will lead you through the following nine steps for remediating /r/:

STEP 1   Learn how to establishing Initial /r/ with nonsense words~AVOID /er/


STEP 2   Drilling of initial /r/ using Webber’sArticulation Drill book or similar

STEP 3   Drilling of initial /r/ at the phrase and sentence level

STEP 4   Coarticulation

STEP 5   Drop coarticulation and move on to final /r/ phrases and sentences

STEP 6   Medial /r/--Just a formality

STEP 7   Reading level

STEP 8   R-blends if needed

STEP 9   Dismissal  


I just completed (YAHOO!!!) the presentation. Love it! I would love to purchase anything you have available for, video or otherwise. I am excited to try this with a few of my kiddos tomorrow!

As a side note, I had printed out your /r/ program from your website quite awhile back. I have used in particularly with one student who is in the gifted program at my school. I actually pulled out the program and had him go through it with me. He loves to talk about co-articulation. Anyhow, we got to one part where you mentioned gently biting the back of his tongue. When we reached that point, he said "Well, if you would have told me that 3 years ago I wouldn't be sitting here right now!" I thought that was so cute!

Thank you so much. Please keep me in mind when you go to sell products! I'm in!!


Your presentation was excellent. I actually downloaded your handout awhile back, but listening to your webinar really made your points crystal clear. I am constantlylooking for new strategies for therapy and I am glad that you posted this webinar. 


You're presentation was so helpful.  I'm in my 3rd year and have never felt comfortable with the /r/.  I came across your website and worksheet at the end of last year and have found it very helpful, although, I'm so glad I paid the money to watch your Webinar and see the examples.  I would definitely love some discrimination practice as I am finding that's really hard for me.

I'm so glad I came across such a helpful and easy to understand approach to remediating /r/.  I feel so much more confident and am ready to tackle the program with my students now.  I can't wait to start. 


I watched the Webinar in January and have used it every day since. I have spent way more money on classes and never have really carried over the information into therapy like I did this webinar.  I did realize I need some discrimination training. Hopefully you will have that in the near future.  Thanks so much Dawn! 



It was a great workshop and definitely learned a lot!  I am actually excited to start treating /r/ now which I never thought I would say :-)



I loved the presentation and learned so much. I'm a new clinician and the /r/ is such a bugger for me.  I started ray-bay Friday after watching the presentation and already, I could see an improvement in the /r/ sound with a student that I had a hard time with.  I am so excited about using this program, it makes so much sense to me. Thank you so much. 



I just finished this webinar today. It is awesome! It gave me all kinds of new ideas and it was an eye-opener about why certain things have NOT worked for me. I was really BAD at distinguishing the good vs. bad productions of /r/ -- something I thought would be really easy. Dawn -- now i would like to see more of your therapy demos, including how you work on /r/ for a group. Thanks a million for doing this -- we need more. 




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