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 (Jobs for SLP's in telepractice are not currently available with our company.)

What is Telepractice?

 Do you need speech-language pathology services, but cannot find a local SLP close enough to your home?  Why not consider telepractice, sometimes called teletherapy?  With advances in technology and the Internet, telepractice is the new way to access speech-language services anywhere in the world!  All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a web camera--we provide the link for the meeting place on our secure conference connection.  Therapy sessions take place in real-time in a face-to-face interaction. 


There is a growing body of evidence that supports the effectiveness of telepractice.  The American Speech-Language Hearing Association has a number of good research articles you can access to learn about this exciting technology and how it can enable those with limited access to services.                                     

                    ASHA Articles--Telepractice


Teletherapy for most children can be a great alternative to traditional therapy, but can require more involvement on the part of the parent/caregiver.  While this can be thought to be a negative aspect of this therapy type, parent/caregiver involvement can enhance therapy generalization/carryover resulting in better implementation at home and a shorter number of therapy sessions required by the SLP. 


School systems across the country have started to utilize this amazing technology to provide much-needed services to their students in rural areas while saving a great deal of money at the same time.  If your school system is interested in telepractice, please contact us by clicking the link below:

                   Telepractice Information


 (Jobs for telepractice are not available with our company.)