(Formerly Modified Cycles)

This program has been updated and is a COMPLETE, step-by-step program that will teach you to baseline and implement reduplicated syllables for those not ready for a true phonological program.


In our practice, we begin this drill DAY ONE with all of our speech and language children while working on their language skills and not only do we see amazing progress in LANGUAGE, but their speech improves at the same time!

The combination of both language therapy and reduplicated syllable therapy has allowed a lot of our children to age out of EI and they do not require school speech therapy!

These modifications can be used with

  • Young children

  • Children with apraxia in need of early consonant drill

  • Lower functioning children in schools with various disorders and syndromes. 

  • Children with profound phonological delays who are not ready for CVC yet! 

  • Very useful in children with Autism that are babbling and verbal, but not using
        true speech. 

  • Also perfect for children with Down's syndrome too!