Autism: Asking Questions, Pragmatics;
Auditory Processing;

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Autism--Asking Questions

Asking questions is one of the biggest deficits in kids with autism.  Download this to find out how to improve this skill.

Teaching Kids HOW to ask questions

Social Skills (Pragmatics)

If you work in a school, you have children that have issues with social skills, some on the autism spectrum, some not.  This area can be difficult for many clinicians as most of the situations that arise need to handled "in the   moment" they happen and not in a contrived setting.  However, children with severe delays will need specialized instruction in social skills.  I have recently come across a wonderful site that I had to post on here.  There is sooooo much information on this site that I have only just skimmed it, but the information I have found so far is wonderful!  I cannot wait to see what other treasures it holds!

Jill Kuzma -- SLP Social & Emotional Skill Sharing Site

Auditory Processing

Have kids on your caseload that struggle with memory and processing?  This is a great program for teaching the auditory strategies we have all heard about but are not sure how to teach.  Do you know about  "sub-vocalizing?"  Neither did I until I got this book.  It is a GREAT resource and I highly recommend it!

Auditory Processing

Worksheets Online

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