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LIVE Seminar: Cycles for Phonology & Reduplicated Syllable Therapy


ATTENTION: This is the LIVE version only available on July 27, 2018. If you are interested in the on-demand version to watch on your schedule, please click HERE


Have you ever wanted to learn how to use the Cycles Approach?

Do you have children with phonological delays who have more errors than you can correct with traditional articulation? If so, this is the workshop for you!

Learn how to treat these cases in HALF the time of traditional articulation!

Cycles focuses on patterns and efficient generalization through target selection that can drastically reduce therapy time for children with difficult phonological process challenges. 

Children that show high usage of phonological processes (i.e., use t/k and t/s) can benefit greatly from the Cycles Approach.

SLPs and SLPAs will learn how to target patterns of sounds rather than individual sounds in each place (initial, medial, final) and type of utterance (word, phrase, sentence, conversation).

The instructor will take participants through an overview of delivery and scoring of the Hodson Assessment of Phonological Processes-3 (HAPP-3) and this course will provide strategies to use in your therapy sessions tomorrow! Implementing this program can reduce therapy time by 50% or more, even in children with severe/profound phonological delays.


Do you work in EI or children who are minimally verbal including those in self-contained rooms? Reduplicated Syllables Therapy is geared toward children with significant phonological delays struggle with producing more than 1 syllable and their sound inventory is typically limited.

By introducing the CV structures in 1, 2, and 3 syllables, beginning with sounds the child already produces, clinicians are able to expand the child’s inventory through direct and indirect methods.

Participants will be given step-by-step instructions for developing baseline, learn how to elicit productions, and when to increase complexity to new levels.


The cost is $185 per person before on or before July 15. After that the cost will be $195.

Please email Dawn Moore ([email protected]) for more information or for questions.

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