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Red Flags:  18 to 23 Months
  • Does not walk by 18 months 
  • Does not use at least 6 words by 18 months
  • Does not follow simple verbal directions such as “Give me the ____” or “Show me your nose” by 21 months 
  • Does not look at you when you are talking or playing 
  • Does not play in close proximity to other children 
  • Prefers gestures to communicate over vocalizations by 18 months
  • Does not point out things of interest (ie. Bird or airplane overhead) by 20 months
  • Does not use at least six consonant sounds (ex. p,b,m,n,w,d) by 20 months 
  • Does not use pretend type play with dolls or self (brush hair, feed, put to bed, etc) by 21 months 
  • Does not appear to know the function of common household objects (ex. toothbrush, phone, fork, etc by 20 months

 This list is to be used as a resource only. If you have any concerns based on this list, please contact your child’s pediatrician. An evaluation of their development may need to be done.