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Red Flags:  13 to 17 Months
  • Does not have at least one word (ex. mama) that is used consistently by 12 months
  • Does not begin to use single words in addition to “mama/dada” by 14-16 months 
  • Does not respond to name and simple instructions (ex. come here, stop) by 12-16 months
  • Does not point and/or use gestures (waving hi/bye, shaking head no/yes, etc) by 12 months 
  • Does not begin to point to familiar objects/pictures named (ie. Where is the dog?) by 13 months
  • Does not coo or babble during play by 12 months 
  • Does not imitate large motor movements or imitate vocalizations by 12 months 
  • Does not understand simple words like “mama” or “juice” by 12 months
  • Does not use at least a couple of consonants in babble/words like “m,b” (ex. mama, baba), etc 
  • Does not use some form of communication to let you know that s/he needs help by 12 months
  • Does not understand and/or respond to words such as “no, byebye” by 15 months
  • Does not say at least 3 words by 15 months
  • Does not point to simple body parts when asked by 16-17 months
  • Does not attempt to get your attention to show you a toy/object of interest

 This list is to be used as a resource only. If you have any concerns based on this list, please contact your child’s pediatrician. An evaluation of their development may need to be done.